The greatest joy is to become a mother, the second greatest is to be a midwife.

Name of Midwife : Mahbubara Bellee Sikdar

work place: Upazila health complex Teknaf

Phone number : 01884076415

Date:17 September 2022


In the night of 17-September-2022 I have conducted 6 normal deliveries where one of a pregnant woman among those six came with some complications.


The pregnant woman came had a history of incomplete abortion with 5-month pregnancy with retained placenta. Eventually after a lot of struggles I managed her normal delivery successfully. I was amazed and pleased watching the pregnant women and her family happy.  Among 6 pregnant women two delivered female babies, other 4 delivered male babies. All of the baby's weight were within 3500-4000 gm.


Conducting six deliveries was not easy. When I had started conducting the normal deliveries, I was not getting any chance to see the clock, I was getting anxious and tired. But my motivation to work as a midwife with full sincerity helped me regain energy. After the successful deliveries when I saw smiling and happy faces of the pregnant women and their families, all my exhaustion disappeared. I realized being a midwife is a wonderful experience.


I can help delivering babies normally without any interventions, pregnant women are able to move and breastfeed their babies well soon after delivery whereas after c-section delivery mothers needs time to get back to their normal condition and struggles to recover after anesthesia.


I would like to say that "The greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife."