Seamless midwifery services for women

Title of the story: Seamless midwifery services for women



Name of the midwife: Tania Tabassum

Work place: Akhaura Upazila health complex, B- bariya


Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha are two most auspicious occasions for the Muslims.  During Eid everyone go for Eid vacation, instead of few health workers who remains on duty to provide services to the patients at the hospitals. During the Eid-ul-adha on 10 July 2022 when most of the people went for Eid vacation I was also on duty. I was living at the hospital dormitories far apart from my family and relatives. I was feeling lonely and deprived.


Then in the fine morning, a pregnant women arrived to me for delivery. I had conducted an active management of third stage of labour. After delivery I had ensured skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the newborn and helped the woman breastfeed the newborn. Both the mother and the newborn were doing well.


Right after the delivery, I instantly felt a sense of accomplishment and joy. All my regrets disappeared at that moment when I delivered the baby boy. The special day of Eid turn into more special to me. I realized the importance of being on duty even on special occasions to support pregnant women. I thanked the all-mighty ALLAH for giving me the opportunity to help the mother and the newborn. On the spot, I had committed that, I am midwife, I will always be with pregnant women no matter what is happening. My pleasure to remain with women.


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