Vaginal birth after caesarean section

Title of the story: Vaginal birth after caesarean section


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 Name: Nusrat Feeha

work place: MSF Kutupalong ,coxbazar




Motherhood is a heavenly sensation! Every girl wants to be a mother and enjoy the taste of it. Some women deliver baby normally and some through caesarean operation.



Sometimes mothers have to go through cesarean operation due to some problems related to the womb but most of the mothers don't want it. We met a mother on 22-Jul-2023, whose first child was delivered by caesarean section and this time she wants to have a normal delivery. She came with a strong desire. But in our country, we don't want to take such a risk easily, because of the previous suture may burst, resulting in major damage to the mother and child. Then with a bit of courage, our whole team took the risk, previous operation LUCS (lower uterine caesarian segment) and placental position posterioris facundus, there is no pain at the place of stitching, so the chances of uterine rupture and placental retention are less.


Finally, we had Completed VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarian), both mother and baby were healthy.

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