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Offer Q2-2023

Offers on renewing: 1. Three years renew is normally 1530 Taka for Midwives. During this offer period midwives can renew with 1380 taka for three years 2. Student midwives of 1st year can renew with 510 taka for two years. 3. If expired members...


Our Story

Midwifery is a known profession in the developed countries since many years though in Bangladesh first introduced by the honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina in 2010 to reduce maternal and child mortality rate and prevent unnecessary C-section. Midwives are the skilled, educated and registered mother and newborn healthcare providers. Starting from preconception planning to 6 weeks after normal delivery a mother will be under complete care of a midwife. Midwifery services includes all reproductive health care services, i.e.: awareness building, preconception care, family planning, normal delivery, Gender Based Violence (GBV) management, adolescent, mother & neonatal healthcare etc. Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS), founded in 2010, is the voice for all midwives in Bangladesh. BMS believes that every woman in Bangladesh should have access to a midwife. All registered midwives of Bangladesh can become members of BMS. BMS has a central committee made up of 15 executive members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Joint Secretary, 7 executive members and a student representative. BMS is registered with – International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), Ministry of Women Affairs of Bangladesh government and South Asian Midwife Association (SAMA).

Our Mission

The Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS) is a professional association and the voice of all midwives of Bangladesh.... BMS is a member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). BMS supports the right of every women to have access to safe, respectful maternity care and a normal birth without medical intervention wherever possible. BMS supports its members with continuing education and advocates for their rights to a safe and enabling working environment. BMS works in close collaboration with government, private, national/international stakeholders and media.

Our Vision

By 2026, all midwives of Bangladesh will become members of Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS).... It will be well managed and financially sustainable, embracing creativity and respecting every contribution. Divisional branches will effectively support midwives to provide high quality maternity care across Bangladesh. Through inter-professional collaboration, more women will be achieving normal childbirth with less medical intervention such as caesarean section. This will result in empowered women and healthier communities.

Our Values

Executive and staff members of Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS) working together respectfully and politely ... They manage time and resources well, being patient and honest with each other, takes own responsibility, embrace positivity, creativity, valuing everyone’s contributions.

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Our Courses

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We are proud to share that a book was published in UK named “Global Midwifery: Principles, Policy and Practice” written by Joy Kemp, Global Professional Advisor, Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and Nester Moyo. BMS closely work with Joy Kemp in the twinning project and Nester Moyo worked with BMS as a facilitator in a workshop.

Joy Kemp Global Professional Advisor

I saw the Interns Circular notice on BMS facebook page and I applied for that new post. When I found out that I was selected by BMS as an intern. I was very happy, excited as well as curious to work. I needed a place where I can develop my own capacity, BMS is that place. Many thanks to BMS for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Sangita Saha Prema Intern Midwife, BMS

Thank you BMS for providing us with these Doppler Machine now mothers can hear the heartbeat of babies in our UHC.

Sharmin Khatun Midwife, Pananagor union sub-centre, Durgapur, Rajshahi


We welcome midwives to enhance their capacity by providing stories, articles or write up. Some will be available here.

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